Amazon Prime users would be rejoiced by the news that their 99$ subscription of the Prime service by Amazon now comes up with free digital access to some great bestselling books and titles. The categories under which the “Free” EBooks would be placed would be: free comics, magazines, short stories, and eBooks. When talking about some big titles then it includes free access to The Hobbit, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and The Man In the High Castle.

What’s More With The Amazon Prime Subscription?

Amazon adds EBooks for Prime Users absolutely Free in USA: Report
EBooks free for Prime Users in USA

What’s more interesting with this offer that makes it more plausible is that unlike the Kindle’s Learning library which required a kindle device to read your bought eBooks you would be able to read all your titles whether the free ones or the bought ones via the Kindle App for iphone or Android devices.

Also some popular magazines are also under Amazon Prime free EBooks category including the National Geographic Traveler, Popular Mechanics, and Sports Illustrated, and kids comics such as Peanuts and Transformers are also there.

At present the selection looks limited but Amazon plans to extend it with time and response rate.

As we all know Prime service’s basic work is to provide free and faster delivery to the subscriber but Amazon seems to pulling this up a bit by adding perks like Twitch Ad Free Experience, music streaming library, on-demand TV and films, photo storage and now it was the turn for making way for the “Free EBooks”.

By this new perk addition according to some sources Amazon is creating the demand for its Kindle devices as well as subscription but this doesn’t seems Amazon’s plan for Kindle devices as why would anyone buy another device just for book reading when the same could be done over his Smartphone?

However, this could be said true for Kindle monthly subscription though.

Amazon Prime

For Indian users there is no announcement for the same and we can’t expect it to even release here very soon. Coming on the topic, It seems like Amazon is giving great value to the 99$ US subscribers are spending on it for Free Delivery.


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