Amazon’s  Alexa will now be provided to the “Amazon” Tablet users through an Over The Air (OTA) update. This update as per Amazon would allow the user to use any of the 3000+ skills available for Amazon Echo Speakers on their tablets too. Alexa would also be showing information asked in the form of cards as this is a new “feature” being added in Alexa skills.

In-Depth Analysis

Yesterday we saw that Logitech has released a new skill for the Artificial Intelligence Virtual Assistant by Amazon namely, Alexa which allows the user to call for Alexa to turn on the TV or browse through Netflix.

Today there’s another news rolling out and that news states that from now on Alexa would be able to work over mobiles devices too, provided for now these mobile devices are from Amazon only and nothing is being said about other device integration by the firm.

virtual assistant Alexa

The mobile devices at present covered under this update or to be precise the “Amazon Tablets” that are covered for now are the Amazon Fire tablet, the Fire HD eight-inch tablet, and the Fire HD 10-inch tablet.

All of these will be receiving an OTA (Over The Air) update for the same that will install Alexa over their devices.

Having Alexa on their tablets, the users would now be able to use all the skill sets that they were able to use over Amazon’s Echo Speakers for now on their Amazon Tablet too. At present there are 3000+ skill sets present for Amazon Echo Speakers and as per news Amazon would be adding more and more with time.

To call up Alexa, you have to just long press on your Fire tablet’s virtual home button and from there, you can ask Alexa any favor and she’ll do that for you.

One more interesting update is rolling out for those users who will install Alexa over their tablets and that update includes “card format search results” just like we get in Google Now.

Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa

Ask Alexa anything from weather reports to movie timings and she will display the search results over your tablet screen in the form of cards.

By bringing Alexa over their Fire Os Amazon is playing the right card as this will ensure its place in the Virtual Assistant run both Google and Apple are in with their Virtual Assistants.


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