Airtel is reportedly urging the Telecom Regulatory Association Of India (TRAI) to look into the issue off Reliance JIO’s free tariffs stating nothing can be free for lifetime and TRAI needs to do something of that too. Airtel also stated that it will respond to TRAI’s penalties soon with the other two incumbent operators that were accused of bad motives towards a new player.

In-Depth Analysis

Reliance JIO is again in news and so is Airtel, According to a report, in a recent event held by GSMA Association, Sunil Bharti Mittal who is the Chairman and Founder of the Bharti Group “urged” the Telecom Regulatory Association Of India (TRAI) to look in depth in the matter of Reliance JIO’s unbelievable free tariff plans stating nothing can be free forever and needs to be checked.

The Exact statement of Mittal was, “TRAI needs to settle the issue of Reliance Jio free tariffs. Nothing can be free for a lifetime,”

Airtel asks TRAI to look into Reliance Jio’s free tariff plans

Recently it was said by the watchdog that it found no issues in Reliance JIO’s tariff’s plans and instead struck Airtel along with Vodafone and Idea with high penalties for not providing sufficient points of interconnections (PoI) to Reliance JIO.

On this Sunil Mittal stated that his company (Airtel) would respond to the Indian Government and the regulator(TRAI) regarding the penalties that are pushed on it along with two other service providers (Vodafone and Idea), for denying sufficient points of interconnections (PoI) to Reliance Jio.


He stated, “TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) must have some confusion regarding the PoIs offered to Reliance Jio,”

The TRAI on 21 October 2016 reportedly slapped heavy penalties over the three telecom players — Bharti Airtel, Vodafone India and Idea Cellular that totaled to around Rs 3,050 crore for not providing sufficient PoIs to Reliance Jio.

It tagged all three players as practicing, “ulterior motive to stifle competition”.

All this happened after the regulator received a letter from Reliance JIO on 14 July, stating that the incumbent players were not providing it with sufficient E1s interconnect points with technical parameters.


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