AgileBits Lets you put the Touch Bar and the FPS on Macbook Pro to good use nowTech 

AgileBits Lets you put the Touch Bar and the FPS on Macbook Pro to good use now

AgileBits Inc., the maker of 1Password has announced that they would be supporting the Apple Macbook Pro Fingerprint sensor provided on it. Also, the company is reportedly planning to make use of the Touch Bar on it too in further time period.

In-Depth Analysis

It’s been just 24 hours since Apple announced its next iteration of the Macbook Pro series which consists of two “tweaked” up 13-inch and 15-inch variants of the Pro laptop. Why I used the work tweaked up here is because of the two new features in them which are the Fingerprint Sensor (FPS) and the Touch Bar which is a mini retina display under the display of the Macbook Pro and over the keyboard.

Although you can have a standard variant of the same too at a lesser price but after reading this you wouldn’t mind spending couple of dollars more for the above.

Macbook Pro

AgileBits Inc. who is the maker of 1Password which is password storage app which lets you store all your important passwords under one PBKDF2-guarded master password and that’s why it is known as 1Password. Coming on the topic, AgileBits Inc. has announced that they would be providing future support to the Touch Bar and the Fingerprint sensor over the Macbook Pro laptops so that the users off 1Password won’t have to even enter that one password to use that particular application.

Mockingly that will turn the 1Password app as 0Password app.

Remembering a password is really very painful and forgetting it is more than that.

Leaving the jokes behind, this surely is an amazing news for 1Password users as this will enable them to use their fingerprint rather than their confusing highly confidential master password.

AgileBits Lets you put the Touch Bar and the FPS on Macbook Pro to good use now

Also this is a good sign on how various development firms are planning to come further and utilize that little “extra” space provided by Apple on the Macbook Pro which means that this really has a good future too.

Although AgileBits is in no hurry to announce this soon but they have told that they will “try” to make it as early as possible, but who cares “practically” no one is having this laptop right now so even if AgileBits take a month then too no one’s going to be affected.

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