Apple Inc. has stated in a recent lawsuit that even those chargers that are marked as real one on are totally a fake copy of the original one. These chargers were not just fakes but were the dangerous one and could even electrocute the user.

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We all do shopping from Online Shopping Portals; even if some of us don’t make big purchases over them due to trust issues but at least some day we must have bought some kind of electrical accessory off our Smartphone, say a charger!

Now if you are the one like me who bought a charger recently from Amazon then beware it could be just another copy of the original item.

90% of the Chargers Sold over Amazon are Fake: Apple Inc. Lawsuit
Don’t buy Apple Chargers from Amazon

According to the recent lawsuit by Apple Inc., around 90% of chargers sold over are “pure” fakes of the real ones. Even the products marked as the “Genuine” Apple Product over the shopping site could be another copy from the 90% of lot of chargers over Amazon.

For now, Apple has put its hands over the collars of a firm named Mobile Star LLC for trademark infringement,  reportedly alleging the firm for being passing off fake and dangerous Apple chargers as the real ones.

PatentlyApple in their recent report had posted some text statements from Apple’s latest lawsuit in which it states buying a number of chargers from Amazon that were sold by Mobile Star as Apple’s genuine chargers.

According to the engineers from Apple, they had been testing out the chargers and found out that those chargers were poorly constructed with inferior or missing components. The design was lot different from the real ones and there was inadequate electrical insulation that could have electrocuted the user for sure one day.

Fake chargers being sold on Amazon : Apple
Fake chargers being sold on Amazon : Apple

The chargers were instead “Dangerous Fakes”.

Apple Inc. also stated that they bought more than 100 Apple devices and found out 90% of them being fake and the range stretches out to even Macbooks!

Apple writes, “Consumers, relying on’s reputation, have no reason to suspect the power products they purchased from are anything but genuine. This is particularly true where, as here, the products are sold directly ‘by’ as genuine Apple products using Apple’s own product marketing images.”

I’m seriously shocked by this even though I knew companies sell fakes over Online Shopping Portals, one thing we can do to check whether we has a genuine one or a fake one is checking the product ID of our product over the manufacturer’s website so that we get to know if it’s real or not. If it’s real then 100% it would come up with the same details as on the box of the product and if the online details don’t match the boxed one then probably it’s a fake one.


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