While most of us are still the ones waiting in lines to get hands on experience of Reliance Jio sim cards, there is something that will again blow your mind and this time it is not about the free GBs of internet or free calls but connection of your car with the mighty internet.

Reliance Jio
Reliance Jio eyes to connect 90% of The Cars to Internet By 2020

According to a new report it is stated by Reliance Jio that they are planning to connect as much as 90% of the cars in India to internet by 2020 which is a huge number. As per the report, if you want to connect your car to the internet then you have to get a hardware installed by Reliance Jio rumored as Car Connect OBD (On-Board Diagnostics). This hardware would allow you to access various subsystem of the car such as fuel injection, oxygen sensors and more.

This helps in tuning performance as well as diagnosing any faults that the vehicle might occur in the near future.

How Reliance Jio Car Connect Will Actually Be Able To Work?

Reliance Jio Car Connect
Reliance Jio Car Connect

According to the report,  Reliance Jio Car Connect will be a device that plugs in to the car’s OBD port having have a SIM slot, and once a Jio SIM is inserted, a Wi-Fi hotspot will be inserted that will connect your car with the Reliance Jio servers.

Not only this, users would also be able to make use of existing Jio services with this hardware in their car like making free calls and utilizing other  Jio apps.

Also it is being rumored that advanced features would utilize various sensors of your car as well as inbuilt sensors in the device will be able to provide some features like turning the AC on when you lean towards it and much more.

The Reliance Jio Car Connect is rumored to be at present in developmental phase right now, and does not have a specific launch date, but Jio is said to be providing a preview of this system at select Jio experience zones in India.


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