Smartphones have changed the way we performed any task of ours, whether its shopping or watching latest movies we can do all of this sitting at our home. But have you ever noticed the main cause you use your Smartphone for?

Internet Browsing… Believe it or not majority of the Smartphone users use their device to stay connected with the outer world and share news and stuff with their friends. To do that all we need basically is a fast and light in weight Webb Browser that can get our works done in the minimum time with the fastest internet speed.

Best, Lite and Fastest Android Browsers 2016

You might be looking for fastest and lightest Web Browser for your device in its dedicated App Store and would be ending up in getting thousands of results, not knowing which one to choose. To counter this problem of yours here I am back with another list and this time it’s dedicated to web browsers. So just let’s start the list of, five best and Fastest (And Lite) android  Browsers.

1.Google Chrome

Google Chrome - best mobile browser

It would not have been fair if Chrome wouldn’t have been topping the list of, “Top 5 Fastest And Lightest Web Browsers For Android Users”. Both by market share as well as user experience ratio, Google Chrome is the best web browser available for mobile platform in the present scenario.  Google Chrome comes from the biggest tech giant, Google itself and features built-in Flash, HTML 5, bookmarks, incognito, and many other “productive” features. The best thing about this browser is that, unlike other browsers like the UC Browser, this one doesn’t bloats it up with unnecessary applications under its hood and works only as a web browser, the main work it was meant to do. Moreover, if you’ve got a Gmail account, you have the ability to sync all your history, bookmarks, passwords to any device.

Google Chrome makes your cross-platform journey a happy journey. The main drawback of using this browser is that it requires a lot of RAM (Random Access Memory) and by “a lot of” I really mean a lot of, so if you have a powerful device and want to experience true internet experience then you must not wait for me to say to install it.

Get chrome

2.UC Browser

UC Browser - best android browser

UC Browser comes from the hood of largest e-commerce platform available, AliBaba. Recently this browser made its way to be the second largest used mobile browser in the world across all possible platforms outranking Opera and placing itself under Google Chrome. To my personal experience I must say this browser is a sure shot hit because its intelligent processing system compresses WebPages according to the internet connection and displays them accordingly to make your browsing experience faster than ever.

However, the main thing that hurts about this web browser is that, with recent updates UC Browser has been bloated up to the largest extent. Who needs a music player, a video player and now an irritating news application inbuilt in a web browser? I’m not the one saying yes and majority of you wanting a browser like that would understand my words once you install the latest update of the same. Even I use UC Browser as my primary browser over my Android device but I use the old one and never update it so that my browsing experience remains intact. So if you wish to try your hands over UC Browser then you can head to third party sites providing “old versions” of the same ready to be downloaded.

3.Mozilla Firefox

Firefox for Android

Now this one’s my favorite, Mozilla Firefox is one of the most user friendly and open source web browser ever built. In fact many of the browsers working in the industry have been modified from Firefox’s API’s, if you don’t believe me then you can Google yourself. The reason for placing it over third position is the popularity of the above two browsers, people like me who love to mess up with the coding of their browsers and produce something innovative out of it find Mozilla Firefox as the real love but not everyone is a tech savvy and want a simple and sober browser that just does their work.

Mozilla Firefox does comes with a lot of add-ons to use, open source coding ready for you to mess it up and loads of inbuilt features but this doesn’t means that normal users can’t use it as their primary browser. They can and before Google Chrome came into play, Firefox was the only kingpin ruling the community. So if you love to try some extra features (not talking about bloatware that comes with UC Browser) then you can head to Firefox. It won’t disappoint you.

I promise.


Opera for Android

Another big player to the industry is the well known and reputed browser, Opera. Opera has been in the game from long and Android users might know what I want to state when I say that “Once there was a time when only Opera was the secondary browser to many”. Opera never made to be the “primary browser” to the majority and always was used as a “secondary browser” reason being the bloated and ugly looking UI. See, even UC Browser is bloated but the developers knew where to put that bloated stuff so that it doesn’t messes up the beauty of the browser but with Opera it’s all different. Just from the home page you get links of “Download xyz @99 rs” and don’t know what else. Think of you as a person with a new Android device, you head to the play store, download the Opera browser, open it up and mistakenly click all the bloated links. What will happen next is that, chances of your device or your mobile balance getting compromised increases and that itself states that why this browser is the one standing at second last over my list. Rather than the bloats, all I would say is Opera is fast, reliable to an extent and smooth running except you know what to click and what not to.

5.Apus Browser

Apus Browser

Last but not the least, Apus Browser caught my eye when I was using my old Android Smartphone and was managing to multi task over it. I just uninstalled my primary browser because it was taking a lot of RAM and was not letting me multi task over that mobile phone. I headed to Play Store and found Apus on the browser’s list. To my surprise this browser actually stays to its description over the App Store. Apus really is a browser meant for slower networks and old devices that come with lesser RAM, say around 1 GB or even less.

The browser being light and fast doesn’t compromises with the facilities other browsers provide. Apus itself comes with almost every feature; it features Incognito and Night modes for night and privacy beasts. Features like speed mode, Full screen desktop site, privacy sites  and offline pages are also there to boost your browsing experience. So any of my user who is still stuck with a low end network or a device then you must get your hands over Apus Browser. It surely is a winner.

Honorable mentions : Dolphin, CM browser, Maxthon

With this my list over, “Top 5 Fastest Android Browsers” ends here. I will be back with more of lists soon. You can always request for more in the comments section. We at Intabloid love to hear.


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