According to a fresh report by Android Police it is being stated that the Android version that is going to be released with the new Pixel Smartphone on October 4 would be having some changes that would be new for its users.

According to the report the new Android version would be getting “quick access shortcuts” just like Apple users have got in iPhone 6s, the feature would be similar to 3D Touch in which the force is applied to the screen to get a list of features associated to the particular application without there being a need of even opening the application.

Another feature that is “expected” to come is pretty odd as this feature if came will be a massive change to user experience of the users.

Android 7.1 update will have New features
Android 7.1 update will have New features

What Is The Second Feature About?

The second feature as speculated would make the icons go round just like IOS, this means that if this feature comes then we would be having round icons for all the apps that would be installed in the device or would come pre installed from the manufacturer.

Why Does Android Seem to be Following Apple’s Footsteps?


We still can’t get what impact it would make on Android users if this speculation by Android Police comes true because till now it was a fact that Apple always got “inspired” from “old” Android devices and presented those “innovatively new features” in their new devices.

But this time everything goes the different way and Google seems to provide 3D touch like features as well as round icons to its users which is great as well as at the same time a letdown condition to the “pride” of Android users.

Although this is still a speculation and nothing is really revealed by Google and we can’t expect the same until Pixel devices as well as 7.1 launches with it.

We can only hope for the best.


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