On Wednesday This week Intel hosted “Maker Lab Startup Conclave and Demo Showcase” at its Campus in India. The Showcase is first of its kind and as much as 14 startups from India were there in the first batch of “Intel India Maker Lab”.

In-Depth Analysis

The showcase was special not because it was from Intel but because of the number of products showcased by Indian startups there in the showcase. There were around 14 Indian startups in the very first batch of “Intel India Maker Lab” that showcased their numerous products and tech solutions.

Basically the ‘Intel India Maker Lab’ is a platform provided by Intel to startups so as to provide them with hardware and systems solutions and innovative ideas so that they keep on creating new and innovative products and solutions for the betterment of the world.

Intel India Maker Lab

Intel provides these startups with infrastructure, technology, tools and mentorship support as per company’s statement.

The areas where the Indian startups showcased their excellence were the areas of sports, health, agriculture, Banking, education, financial services and Insurance (BFSI), e-governance, Internet of Things (IOT), Client compute and Cloud services.

Nivruti Rai who is the General Manager at Intel India and also works as the Vice President of Platform Engineering Group at Intel Corp. stated, “With over 15 years of relentless commitment to research and development, we continue to build a community of innovators in India,”

14 Startups Showcase their Products, Solutions at 'Intel India Maker Lab'

Out of those 14 startups, seven startups won the “Intel India Maker Lab” challenge and now Intel is supporting them financially. All the seven firms are from the Department of Science & Technology (DST).

Just for information, here are the names of all the 14 Indian startups that showcased their excellence in the India maker Lab contest:

Aerx Labs, Avench, Green Ocean Research, Klassik Klonec, Parkzap, Jayalaxmi Agrotech, Acceleron Lab, BrownLogic, Skylark Drones, Smartron, Terrablue XT,  Phoenix Robotics, Yaw software and SrishtiESDM.


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