Micro Blogging Site, Twitter had revealed on Thursday in a biannual transparency report stating that Indian Government has asked for around 139 twitter accounts’ personal information for some reason in which they demanded for 42 accounts to be removed.

Twitter however, is still working on removing those accounts and they still are active for now. Not only Indian Government asked for account information, US government being on the lead of it asked for around 2,520 Twitter account’s personal data. Following US we have Japan with 732 requests, United Kingdom with 631 requests, France with 572 and Turkey at last with around 280 account information requests.

139 Account Requests Made By Indian Government This Year: Twitter

What Twitter had To State Over This?

Twitter in an exclusive reported stated on the matter, We have received 2 per cent more government requests for account information, affecting 8 per cent more accounts during the first half of 2016 than in the previous reporting period, This includes requests that originated from seven new countries — Bermuda, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Jordan, Macedonia, Malta, and Mongolia. Since the inception of Twitter’s Transparency Report, we have received government information requests from 76 different countries.”

It was also seen that this year Twitter saw 13 percent more account information requests than it received last year. In this report there were 37 countries that asked for removal requests out of these 37, 5 countries were totally new, namely Azerbaijan, Chile, Israel, the Maldives, and the Philippines.

This time too Turkey and Russia requested for most removal requests with a massive score of 2493 requests Turkey easily outruns Russia who were on the list with 1601 removal requests.

Twitter also stated, “Overall, removal requests affected a total of 20,594 accounts: 2,600 had some content removed for violating our Terms of Service, 2,799 accounts had some content withheld (account-level or Tweet-level), and no action was taken on the remaining 15,195 accounts”

requests for removal of accounts from twitter

After receiving a court order from Pakistan Twitter stated, “Over the first six months of 2016, we received legal requests for content removal from 37 different countries, resulting in content being withheld at the Tweet or account level in 11 of those countries”

Pakistan requested for removal of several accounts but also gave a legal notice to the firm for the same.

On Pakistan’s court order Twitter said, “This request and others submitted by Pakistani officials related to impersonation of the office of President Mamnoon Hussain. We suspended the account in question in accordance with our Impersonation policy”

Out of these all requests many of the requests by the countries were emergency requests that needed immediate action.


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