According to a recent report by Buzzfeed, the ration of daily users using Instagram Stories has reached a milestone of having nearly 100 million and more active users. And talking about the monthly usage stats of the whole Instagram platform then it is somewhere around 500 million, Buzzfeed stated. This all happened just before Instagram was going to complete its 6th year of online presence.

In-Depth Analysis

100 Million Daily User Target accomplished by Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories reaches 100 million users

As we all know Instagram is a photo sharing platform or you can say a social network totally based on photographs and was recently acquired by Facebook. Instagram Stories being a new addition to the app makes use of Snapchat like features to describe your mood with the help of stickers, images and slides. The feature was so much loved by Insta users that now there are around 100 million active users only on this feature of the app only. Talking about Snapchat’s monthly usage stats, then it is around 150 million active users which is way lesser than that of Instagram. Snapchat has been there for ages and Instagram Stories is just 2 months old but its online presence is 2/3 of what Snapchat was able to make in all these years.

Instagram stories

Looks like even after seeing their ship being constantly drowning, Snapchat doesn’t wants to step back as in an interview with Buzzfeed, CEO Kevin Systrom talked about a new addition which will bring video format to the existing application. However, nothing more was told about the same and it’s still a “hint” only. Actual product may vary when launched.

With the introduction of their new logo, a revamped design and some new additions, Instagram played it really well this year and with time it will soon be touching the 1 billion mark just like Facebook Messenger did long ago.

Till then just have a look on Insta Stories if you haven’t.

They’re fun!


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