A few days back, it was confirmed that the former wrestler Late Kudukhov took performing enhancing drugs in 2012 where he won the silver medal in London Olympics. Considering this, it was confirmed that his medal would be made and given to the Bronze Medal winner, Yogeshwar Dutt, a wrestler from India. What made this news bigger than it already is was when Dutt took to Twitter and said that he wants the medal to stay with the family of Kudukhov who died in 2013 succumbing to injuries caused to him in a car crash.

Yogeshwar Dutt denies his medal upgradation to silver on the grounds of humanity
Yogeshwar Dutt denies his medal upgradation to silver on the grounds of humanity

Dutt in his various tweets said, “Besik Kudukhov shandaar pehelwaan the. Unke mirtyu ke baad dope test mein fail ho jana bahut dukht hai. Main khiladi ke roop mein main unka samaan karta hoon. Agar ho sake toh yeh medal unhi ke paas rehne diya jaaye, unke pariwar ke liye bhi samaan purna hoga.”

When contacted earlier, the wrestler said that he has not received any confirmation regarding this upgradation from the IOC but when the news got confirmed, he tweeted that he dedicates this medal to the citizens of India.

Kudukhov was a four-time world champion in wrestling. His samples were tested again, and a banned drug was found in them. After this, the Olympic committee decided to take away his medal and that lead to this entire medal upgradation situation for Indian Freestyle wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt.

Dutt might always dream of winning a gold medal but for now, he surely has won many hearts all over the world for this sweet gesture.


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