The Hacking team of the Russian Hack Group, called Fancy Bears claimed that they have hacked the website of WADA and have a complete access to their database. They said that the sister duo Venus and Serena Williams and the gymnast who won a gold medal this year in Rio Olympics, Simone Biles were allowed to take substances that are banned.

Serena Williams accused of doping
Serena Williams from one of her winning moments when she grabbed a gold medal in Olympics.

As per Sputnik, the hacking site has released a lot of confidential information related to the athletes of America. As per this website Serena Williams had taken banned substances like prednisone, oxycodone, etc in 2010, 2014 and 2015 as she was allowed to do so by WADA. In context to Simone Biles, the group said that she failed the doping test but still was allowed to qualify for the games. Venus Williams too was allowed to take banned substances from 2010 to 2013.

As per the statement of Fancy Bear on their website, “After detailed studying of the hacked WADA databases we figured out that dozens of American athletes had tested positive. The Rio Olympic medallists regularly used illicit strong drugs justified by certificates of approval for therapeutic use. This is other evidence that WADA and IOC’s Medical and Scientific Department are corrupt and deceitful.”

They had earlier predicted that the American team would dominate the Olympic Games by their performance and the same happened when they clinched 46 gold, 37 silver medals and 38 bronze medals this year in Rio.

Earlier this year, doping issues and breaches were exposed about the Russian team and it banned them from participating in the Olympics. There were a lot of hacking groups who threatened to hack the website of WADA and Fancy Bears eventually did it.

Although nothing has been clarified from anyone at WADA or IOC, various speculations are being made related to this expose. Things would only be confirmed once a statement is issued by the official committees and associations being blamed.


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