Polish Olympian Piotr Malachowski

Winning an Olympic medal is a tremendous thing to lot many of us. While we worship people for winning a medal and making the country proud, this Polish Olympian has donated his auspicious silver medal to raise funds for a boy who’s suffering from cancer. Not all of us have such a big heart, right? An Olympic medal is a dream to many thousands of people who strive hard their days and nights practicing for it. It did not come easily even to him then.

Piotr Malachowski Sold his Silver Medal for Saving a Boy

Olek Syzmanski - Polish Olympian saves three year old kid

Piotr Malachowski, the Polish Olympian under the category of discus throw has thrown the disc at 67.55m claiming the silver medal after Christoph Harting of Germany who won gold finishing 82 cm ahead, i.e., 68.37m. However what hit us hard is that Piotr has decided to give away his second Olympic silver medal (He won the first one at Bejing, 2008) for making the kid better. The three-year-old kid Olek Syzmanski is suffering from Eye cancer (also known as Retinoblastoma) and is in need of funds to fly to New York for treatment.

Polish Olympian auctions Silver Medal

Piotr Malachowski auctioned his medal and appealed on Facebook stating that “I have fought for Gold in Rio. Winning a medal in Olympics is every athlete’s dream, and Gold is the most sought for. As I won Silver, today I appeal to do something bigger and precious – saving the health of the little boy. My silver medal has been precious when I won, it has become more precious now as it is the worth of Olek’s health. If you help me raise funds, my silver will be a lot more worthy than the Gold medal”.

Polish Olympian raises fund for 3 year old boy with cancer

Piotr Malachowski also added that he would use the entire amount raised only for the treatment. Later, he updated the users that his fundraising has been a success, and he got some takers who are willing to play. We don’t come across such empathetic human beings, every other day. Do we?


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