UEFA Champions League

UEFA guarantees four Champion League Berths instead of three:

UEFA made a significant change to the Champions League from next year onwards. Right now only three leagues Spain, Germany and England are guaranteed three places, with the fourth team entering the playoff round. This will change from the next season. They promised four places for the top four leagues in the world. Italy will be joining with them confirming the top four teams in their league.

Italy used to get only two berths confirmed till now which will change to four teams from the next season. UEFA also announced that the prize money for the teams which will reach the group stages would be 1.49 billion dollars this season and guaranteed to increase it next season. With this change, UEFA hopes that the bridge between the rich clubs and poor clubs will be erased. UEFA also mentioned that the teams with the most success in the tournament would be weighted more. Previous European titles and the recent success in the Champions League will be taken into consideration.

UEFA offers Four Champion League Berths

Not a good news for the Lower Ranked Leagues:

However, with this decision, the mid-tabled teams from the lower ranked leagues will face a tremendous wrath as they will find it tougher to qualify for the tournament. The most benefitted league from this decision is Italy Series A as they will be confirmed four berths from next season from two which they had till now. Champions League will continue with the decision of 32 teams in stages.

Only the weight for the top leagues will be changed. UEFA addressed this shift as the evolution of the tournament because it will make it easy for the teams to reach the group stages. In the Series A, the third placed team usually finds it difficult to make it into the group stage. Even now, Roma was knocked out by FC Porto in the qualifying round. “Historical success in the competition will also be acknowledged in a coefficient calculation (points for previous European titles),” UEFA said.


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