Following the 1-1 away draw against Everton that left his team in the sixth place in the league table, gaffer Jose Mourinho was of the opinion that the Red Devils deserved to win the encounter and there was “nothing more” he could do to change United’s fortunes.

Manchester United in recent times have been seen to control large parts of matches, dominate the game for a majority of the 90 mins but have failed to cross the final hurdle and notch up a win under their belt.

In the match against Everton, they were leading by one goal when a Marouane Fellaini foul on Idrissa Gueye that gifted the opposition an 89th-minute penalty and was effectively converted by Leighton Baines.

Jose Mourinho in action on the sidelines during a Manchester United match.
Jose Mourinho in action on the sidelines during a Manchester United match.

On being asked why he brought on Fellaini as a substitute in the second half, Mourinho snapped, “I thought you would know more about football than you do – because the answer is obvious.”

“When a direct team is losing they intensify their direct football and when you have a two-metres (tall) player on the bench you play him in front of the defensive line to help the team win.”

In their last eight matches, United have drawn the game 6 times and when asked about the same, the volatile manager was quoted as saying, “It’s another game with a very good performance. We are not getting the results we deserve. When you play well there’s nothing more you can do.”

A cause for his irritation and frustration seemed to be the fact that United are playing attractive kind of football but are failing to get results to their benefit unlike in the past when his teams were criticized for winning easy without much flair.

“You (reporters) have to make a decision,” Mourinho said. “Because when my teams are playing pragmatic football and winning matches and titles, you say that is not right and nice.

“When my teams, like now, play very, very well, you say that what matters is to get results no matter what.

“At this moment in the Premier League you have teams getting results that defend with 11 players and attack the space on the counter-attack (and you say) it’s phenomenal, beautiful. So you have to make a decision,” added Mourinho.


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