Lionel Messi's Retirement is a hoax - Maradona

Lionel Messi. The Argentian now retired Footballer has undergone the crisis in the last summer including his retirement from the national team to being charged for tax fraud. Well, considering his bleached blonde hairstyle is not the worst thing, at all. But it’s one of them. The 29-year-old legend (as people call him) announced his national retirement after losing to Chile for the second time in the final of Copa America.

Lionel Messi‘s retirement was temporary: Maradona

He certainly got impatient and declared his retirement right away while on the other hand, the two years older footballer and an archrival Cristiano has fought to get the Portuguese team till the final and also won the cup! However, it is only a month after he reverted to his retirement from the team and decided to lead the Argentina back again. The Barcelona striker has indeed tampered fan’s emotions there. However, Diego Maradona; after whom Messi has been called Messidona did not take it well and named the event as a PR move.

Lionel Messi to undo his retirement

Maybe it was all staged to make us look beyond the fact of losing three times in the Finals,” expressed Maradona referring to the 2015-2016 Copa America Finals and the 2014 WC Final. Fans lamented Messi’s retirement more than the team’s loss and also Messi would have been back soon after instead of taking a month and creating a drama out of unbridled stemming from the final loss.

Lionel Messi into September’s Qualifies of WC against Venezuela and Uruguay:

Messi’s return is announced on the same day when the South American Football Association has announced the teams to provide the rosters for the September’s qualifiers against Venezuela and Uruguay. Messi has made the cut in it. But as Maradona said, it was indeed appearing as a major stunt to grab attention from the “Back to Back” Ronaldo who has been shining this year and has also won the UEFA Best Player in Europe award for the session 2015-2016.  Lionel Messi really does need to tie his belt up.


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