Gianni Infantino, FIFA President

Gianni Infantino’s Salary to be reduced to 2.04 Million USD:

In an interview conducted on Sunday, i.e., 28th August 2016, Gianni Infantino, the FIFA president said that he’s going to make the FIFA salary less than a couple of million Swiss francs from this year. His predecessor and ex-president Sepp Blatter has already lowered his salary. Though Infantino has not yet officially announced it or agreed on these terms by talking with FIFA. However, in his discussion with the Switzerland’s newspaper ‘Blick’, he said he’s going to lower his salary to 2.04 million$ which people have been speculating about. He stated that his past and previous dealings with the compensation committee of FIFA as arbitrary and insulting.

The fight between Gianni Infantino and Domenico Scala:

During the first months of his tenure which was started in February, the committee included FIFA audit and chief Domenico Scala. Domenico was known to be an enlarged critic of Gianni Infantino, the world’s new president of Football. Scala who has quit FIFA in the month of May accused Infantino of his quitting because he tried to compromise the independent committees of the organisation and acting as a sole authoritarian. According to the sources, Infantino has mentioned that his salary will be finalized when the committee gets together next time with Scala out of the picture. Talking about his negotiations and accusations made on him by Scala, Infantino said,

“I expected to talk to these people about my salary based on guidelines and defined processes and not to face a fait accompli by Mr. Scala without a discussion.”

Gianni Infantino, FIFA crisis with Bankers like Visa:

Last month, a FiFA inquiry happened to investigate Infantino over his personal expenses, salary dispute, hiring methods and also his usage of private jets. Infantino, however, restated all these things about the FIFA’s corrupt and his corrupt and said that he would undermine and reform his bids. Infantino who took the authority in February of the governing body confronted months of crisis with major bankers like Coca-Cola and Visa who were demanding things to be settled.


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