Cristiano Ronaldo enthroned as the UEFA Best Player 2015/2016 in Europe

Cristiano Ronaldo wins UEFA Best Player in Europe :

Cristiano Ronaldo. The name itself is a magical word to the Football fandom. Again, he proved himself to be the world’s greatest player by winning the UEFA Best Player in Europe 2015/2016 Award on 25th August 2016. Just when people were thinking that he’s out of the form and getting old, this award reminds them that he can get back with a major blow, amusing the world again with his immense hard work, utmost dedication and love towards the game. As Real Madrid won both Euro 2016 and Champions League 2016 in this year, Ronaldo who is 31 now, has been awarded for the same.

Cristiano Ronaldo


Winning UEFA Best Player Europe for the 2nd time :

It’s the second time that he is awarded the accolade beating his team-mate Gareth Bale and his city rival, Antonie Griezmann of Atletico Madrid. Ronaldo who won the award in 2013-2014 for the first time, and now for the second time, has repeated the same words about winning the award. “I’m highly delighted on receiving the award. It has been one hectic as well as incredible season. However, Bale and Griezmann deserves the award as much as me”. Ronaldo was given the award for claiming the 11th European Cup when he pushed the team’s way into the finals of Euro 2016 by scoring penalties against Atletico Madrid in May.

He scored three goals in the game while paving the way for the final equalling Michel Platini’s record, who scored nine goals in the Championship finals of Europe. This award was indeed voted for Ronaldo by the journalists from each of the 55 associations of the UEFA. Ronaldo was highly elated by the award winning as he expressed that “It has been my childhood dream to become a Footballer, and as I’ve come this far, I guess I have accomplished it”. You, in fact, did, Ronaldo. You’re an inspiration to millions.


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