The fans were shocked to the news of election of Aleksander Ceferin as the new UEFA president. His election was rather overwhelming as he became the president after Platini who was forced to step down from the position of president at the most popular and powerful confederation in football, UEFA.

Aleksander Ceferin Elected the UEFA president.
Aleksander Ceferin Elected the UEFA president.

As per the reports, the final competition was between Ceferin and the chief of Dutch Football Association Michael van Praag. Ceferin who is 48 years old defeated Praag by 42 votes. After being declared the new president, Ceferin, in an official statement stated, “The wind of change is blowing through European football. It is the end of one era and the start of a new one.” He was addressing the special congress held in Athens just after Platini gave his final address at his farewell and left the event.

Ceferin said that there are a variety of challenges that we are facing presently like scandals involving the game, teams and players and the accusation related to doping amongst the players and major leagues and games being fixed. He aims to handle all the negative issues and not get scared by them.

He said, “I am not here to emphasize the negativities that surround us. I don`t want to live in an empire of fear where every day we wake and see another negativity surfacing. I want to bring out all the good things UEFA has been doing and you have been doing. We are all tired of the current situation and look forward to a normalization period that will be about positive things, about friendship, about football.”

Platini, the former president was suspended from UEFA over some issue related to a fund of $2 million from FIFA. UEFA was in news for various reasons in the past and hopefully with the appointment of Ceferin, their role and position would get better.


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