Deepa Malik won a silver medal in Rio on Monday, 12 Sep. 16 in the shot put event of Paralympics  Games. Although India has already won a gold and bronze in this Paralympics this season, but in the Indian history she is the first woman to bring a medal for India in all these years.

Deepa Malik having her moment of joy after she won the silver in Paralympics Games in Rio.
Deepa Malik having her moment of joy after she won the silver in Paralympics Games in Rio.

Out of the 6 attempts that Deepa got, she grabbed the silver medal by achieving the throw of 4.61m. As soon as the news for medal came, various wishes and blessings were showered upon her from the general people as well as celebrities. The Haryana Government announced that she will be given a reward of INR 4 crores under the sports scheme of the state of Haryana.

In this event the gold medal was won by Fatema Nedham from Bahrain with a throw of 4.76m and the bronze medal was won by Dimitra Korokida from Greece, with a score of 4.28m.

Deepa Malik, aged 45 has become an inspiration for many people. She is a paraplegic and is bound on a wheelchair due to paralysis from waist down. She is a mother of two kids and has been married to an army officer. She faced from a tumour of spine 17 years ago and since then she is stuck to the wheelchair. She has undergone various surgeries in all these years that only helped in improving her condition by a minute level.

Apart from having made a career in shot put, Deepa also plays others sports like swimming and javelin and has won several medals in different sports competitions held for differently abled people all over the world. Her other achievements include being a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and an active participant in adventure sports.

With this achievement of Deepa the medal tally of India has reached to 3 in the Paralympics games that are going on in Rio.


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