Phil Simmons was a prominent test player who was appointed as West Indies Coach of the cricket team considering his differences with the players and the board. Simmons won accolades for the team five months ago when they won the World Cup for T20 games. The news surfaced after an official statement was made on 14th of September. Simmons is 53 years old and the main reason behind him being sacked is said to be the varied differences he had in terms of the approach and strategy with the West Indies Cricket Board and a few players of the team.

Phil Simmons Sacked By the West Indies Cricket Board
A file photo of West Indies Coach when he addressed the media in April after winning the world T20

As per the statement of WICB, “In recent times, based on the public pronouncements of the coach and the approach internally, we have identified differences in culture and strategic approach. The WICB would, therefore like to thank the coach for his contribution and wishes him the best in his future endeavors.”

The differences were clearly visible a few months back when he was suspended in the last year after he publically criticized the team selection policy of the board during before the West Indies went on the Sri Lanka tour.

His suspension was withdrawn and he was given a second chance by the board ahead of the world T20 tournament. West Indies has entered the final beating India and then they defeated the England team in the finals by 4 wickets which was held in Kolkata under the coach Simmons.

As per the reports, since Simmons has departed the new position for the in charge of the team will be given to Henderson Springer and Roddy Estwick. West Indies has to play a series with Pakistan in the coming months which is scheduled in UAE. The manager of the team is Joel Garner.


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