Sunil Gavasakar and Kapil Dev, previous India captains, voiced worries over a portion of the proposals made by the Lodha Panel. The pair, who were available at Kanpur’s Green Park stadium for the first Test amongst India and New Zealand as a major aspect of the critique group, trust that a portion of the proposals don’t make sense.

While agreeing with the age cap of 60 years for administrators, the 1983 World Cup-winning skipper didn’t agree with the ‘one state one vote rule. “I could not understand that Maharashtra can have only one vote. How can a place like Mumbai, which has done so much for cricket, vote only after three years?Kapil Dev said on Sunday. “Yes, change is required, but I think the cricketing work should be done by cricketers and administrative work should be done by administrators.lodha-panel-kapil-dev-sunil-raises-concerns

Presently, the condition of Maharashtra has three affiliations, represented by teams Mumbai, Maharashtra and Vidarbha, while Gujarat has the same number of affiliations, represented by Saurashtra, Gujarat and Baroda. According to the suggestions of the Lodha Committee, three votes from every state will be lessened to one, with one affiliation speaking to the state on a rotational premise.

“They should sit down and discuss what is best for cricket. Some of the recommendations, I feel, are too much, but some of them I feel is the need of the hour for the betterment of the game. I was so happy when three cricketers picked the national coach. But, let us not take anything away from the BCCI. They have looked after this game for almost 60-80 years,” he added.

“What is the pinnacle in an administrator’s career? It is becoming the president. You don’t just become the president in three years,” the former opener said. “You are the president of the board because you serve some terms such as vice-president. Once you come to that level, once you have finished that term, you then don’t come back as the representative of your state association because how are the new ideas going to come?

“Once you have done that I think you should say, ‘Thank you very much. Let us now have somebody else representing my state association.’ That is the kind of thing that will help,” Gavaskar concluded.


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