Shashank Manohar told in an interview to the Indian Express that the member boards of ICC play a significant role in the revival of bilateral cricket. He stated that since decisions like these are out of jurisdiction for ICC, these decisions can only be taken by the member boards. This discussion came up when the idea of starting the tier two test cricket was suggested by the national cricket boards of Australia and South Africa.

ICC Chairman Says the Revamping Of Bilateral Cricket in Hands of Cricket Boards
A file photo of Shashank Manohar when he was elected as the president of International Cricket Council.

He said that this agenda was raised at the meeting of Chief Executives Committee and there he being the president of ICC stated that they at ICC couldn’t take a decision like this due to the lack of power. He further said, “These bilateral rights are rights belonging to home boards, and it’s for them to decide what to do. The ICC has nothing to say in this.”

As per the set rules, the only task that ICC has on its hands is to organize various international cricket events like the T20 World Cup, the regular World Cup, Champions Trophy, etc.

The dropping number of fans following the test crickets has decreased with a very fast speed, and thus this has become a matter of concern for cricket boards. Manohar, in the CEC meeting which was held in Edinburgh, suggested that a survey must be conducted amongst the fans that prefer watching one-day matches and the twenty over cricket to understand why they don’t prefer watching the test matches.

Shashank Manohar replaced N Srinivasan in November 2015 and became the president of ICC. Since then he has been involved in the issues pertaining the interests of ICC and states that he is working towards the cricket interests of all the countries that play and watch the game. He has also been facing some deferment with the BCCI since then but has completely denied any such confusions or differences.


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