Sundar Singh Gurjar’s was going to participate in Paralympics along with Jhajharia in the javelin throw game yesterday where Jhajharia won the gold medal but unfortunately he couldn’t make it to the event venue in time and thus was not allowed to participate. Gurjar’s had performed brilliantly by scoring 70m in his practice sessions and thus was believed to be a strong contender for the medal.

A file photo of Gurjar who failed to participate in javelin event from India in Paralympics
A file photo of Gurjar who failed to participate in javelin event from India in Paralympics

As per the reports, his name was announced at the event venue a number of times but he didn’t show up and due to that he was disqualified to perform in the men’s javelin throw event. As per an official statement from the vice president of Paralympic Committee of India, Gursharan Singh, “All athletes were warming up in the same area, including Sundar. Names of all athletes are announced multiple times for them to get to the competition area. We don’t know what happened with him: was he concentrating too much on his warm-up that he missed out on the actual competition?”

When asked about Sundar’s absence, the gold medal winner Jhajharia said, “I really don’t know why he was late. Both of us had traveled by the same bus to the venue. He moved to the other side of the field for warm-up. When our names were called, Rinku (Hooda) and I went in, but Sundar wasn’t there.”

In his defense, Sundar’s family said that this might have happened as he doesn’t understand English. Also, as per a few reports, Sundar alleged that his coach kept sleeping and did not take him to the venue on time.

Sundar was in news a few weeks ago when news came up about him, where a juice shop owner located outside the Gurjar’s training center was offered a sum of 1 lakh rupees to spike his drink so that he disqualifies from the competition.


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