We all visit YouTube when we are bored, want to learn something new or want to just listen to our favorite music online but all of this gets null and void when we lack one thing and that is – “Fast Internet Connection”. In India getting a fast internet connection is not so easy especially in remote areas that don’t even tend to get proper water supply till date. Using an “online streaming service” is a far off dream for them, keeping these points in mind Google did a big survey of remote and urban areas as well, Google found out that people have many issues, one big issue being the lack of faster connection and second one being the app’s data consumption ratio being too high which makes it difficult for Indian users to use the application even when being on faster connection because of huge data cuts.

YouTube Go: How it is Different from the Standard App

YouTube Go : The Ultimate Solution By Google

Keeping all these points in mind Google greatly focused on a new online streaming video application in their second “Google For India Event” for India named – “YouTube Go”. According to Google this application can even run smoothly on 2G connection with “zero buffering”. This might seem quite “over lucrative” as sometimes even on 3G/4G network we are stuck on the buffering page.

According to Google this application “adapts” to the network connection as well as device’s working status so as to provide better playback ability.

We all know Google has a lot of compression codecs available that compress the video to smaller size and still keeping the viewable quality at par and Google will be using those codecs in this application.

There is also going to be a preview mode that will allow the user to get an estimate of the video size and also the ration of how much data can the app consume for viewing or saving that video offline, although the real data charges may vary from operator to operator.

The new YouTube application is also going to have the very old “Offline Saving” option that lets you save your videos offline but with this app offline video saving comes with a sharing option too that will let you share your videos with Wi-Fi Direct to other YouTube Go users.


The videos will only be viewable via the YouTube: Go app and not with any other third party video player. The application seems quite fit for Indian users but time will only tell how far it goes in terms of “performance” when launched for public usage.

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