It’s been a while we saw Xiaomi releasing updated version of MI Band after the release of Mi Band 1 which was although a massive hit having sold around 20 million units. But today all the fitness freaks finally saw the release of the much awaited Xiaomi MI Band 2.

Xiaomi MI Band 2 : What’s New In The New & Updated Band?

The band now comes with an OLED display which is used to display time; steps counter, heart rate, and also have an inbuilt battery indicator which tells you when you need to recharge your fitness band.

Also in MI Band 2 there is a functional key to light up the screen but what’s new is that now you just need to lift your wrist up and the band’s screen would wake up all functional.

MI Band 2

To make it more customizable, MI gave a new update to the band which now allows you to choose what info would be displayed on the band’s screen and only that part would be visible there.

Like any other fitness band even this band will push limits of “lazy” people a little forward. Also in this version of MI Band there is an improved “pedometer” algorithm which now knows to “differentiate” between running and riding a bike which was not there in MI Band 1 leading to all confused and increased data.

What is really shocking with this version is that if you sleep with it being still there on your wrist then it can also tell you whether you slept a light sleep or a deeper one.

the MI Band 2

It can also be used to unlock your device, receive messages or even an alarm.

The device sports a 70mAh battery giving a standby of 20 days.

The device comes with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity too.

The legacy of being water and dust resistant is also there in this version of MI Band.


What’s The Price And Official Release Date For This

The price you need to pay to get this device on your wrist would be 2000 INR and the device would be available to be purchased on Official MI Website from 27 September 2016.


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