Hillary Clinton in FBI trouble over using private email-server
Hillary Clinton in FBI trouble over using private email-server

The recent updates of US elections are not in the positive hand with the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton is accused by FBI director which makes her paranoid. The controversy was that Hillary had made her e-mail server private and secure which only means that her account will not be checked by government in any case. Also, Hillary has deleted 30 emails which she says that was her personal and was not at all classified but it was careless in her part.

This infamous server meant that all the classified mails will have to pass through her server. Interestingly, no other secretarial state would ever have any private server. This is so contagious that there are rumors that if Hillary is found guilty, Donald Trump will be directly made as the winner of US election.


What are the 3 most important things of Hillary’s E-mail server?

  1. Hillary used private server to hide things from the government

Hillary said that she did this just because she wanted to hide her personal things from the government which includes dresses, weddings etc but she secured Classified Mails which means she want to disclose the countries security to the world.

  1. The server was not secured

Hillary said that her server was just for her private things so she used that but FBI research says that it was not even secure. Her mail can easily be hacked as it was less secured than a normal G-mail account.

Hillary Clinton used a private email-server

3.   Hillary’s Lawyer destroyed the server

Her lawyer destroyed the server in order to hide her from further controversies. She claimed that the mails were not classified and her inbox was full. She said it includes the yoga and the wedding but FBI said that 30 out of emails were of Libya which is contradictory and hilarious.


FBI says that Hillary is basically a criminal but she would not be arrested. She is claimed careless and extremely careless about the classified material.


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