Karimov, Uzbekistan President, was admitted to the hospital last Saturday when he suffered a heart attack. Although he has been under critical observation since then, his health continued to get worse. As per the reports, it was announced early on Friday that he is critically ill and later in the day, the news of his death surfaced. Uzbekistan, a prominent country in the Central Asia is not left with any successor after the death of Karimov.

 Uzbekistan President Islam Karimov Dies
A file photo of Islam Karimov, Uzbekistan President, clicked during one of his addresses.

Karimov, Uzbekistan President,  was ruling since 1989 and ever since he was always criticized by the western countries and different human rights organizations for his unusual and dominant style of working. In 1989 he was selected as the head of the communist party and then later in 1991, he was declared as the president of Uzbekistan.

Karimov has two daughters Gulnara and Lola. Gulnara is under house arrest since 2014 and Lula serve as an Ambassador to UNESCO. Since the former president, late Karimov did not have a successor and neither did he designate one; it is believed that this decision would be taken by his family members and some officials who worked closely with Karimov.

Karimov was known as a shrewd leader who made quite brutal decisions to run his country. He was often heard giving statements where he stated that he would not tolerate any interference in the affairs related to ruling the country and economic conditions of the country.

During his reign, Karimov, Uzbekistan President, was infamous for his inhuman style of punishments like electric shocks, rape, and sexual assaults, hanging the criminals by their wrists and ankles, gas masks, etc. This is believed to be an end to the brutal dictatorship in Uzbekistan, and the world has eyes on Uzbekistan to see who is declared the new president of the country.


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