This question might be running in every US citizen’s mind that who’s going to be their next President? Is it going to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? What’s interesting is that not only US Citizens are concerned about their next president but it seems like whole of the world is sitting biting their nails waiting for the result. We at Intabloid wanted to present a little graph in front of our readers which will give you a little hint about the prospective results.

US Elections: Donald Or Hillary? Who’s going To Be The Next President?
US Elections: Donald Or Hillary? Who’s going To Be The Next President?

Everybody was thinking that Hillary Clinton is going to be the next US President because she is of an already politically stable background as compared to the counterpart Donald Trump who is considered as nothing more than a “witty” businessman by some but today’s heat map states something else.

It was first speculated that Hillary is going to be the winner there at Florida but Mr. Trump’s unexpected success in the place meant that the US election was likely to come down to a cutting edge neck to neck competition which was first stated to be real easy.

Mrs Hillary Clinton has managed to win the battlegrounds of Virginia and Colorado, but she needed to take Michigan, Nevada, Iowa and Pennsylvania to revive her lost chances to be the next president.

Donald Trump for President?
Donald Trump for President?


The Final exit polls from Fox News gave Mrs Clinton a four-point lead, while Reuters earlier stated that there is 90 percent chance of Hillary’s victory but today’s stats totally say something else about Hillary’s reach on the elections.

There were  technical issues somewhere in some North Carolina meaning paper ballots had been used there which can mean that some kind of corruption could be speculated butt we can’t say a thing on it until official results manage to make way.

Now coming over why it is being said that Hilary selfly handed the crown to Mr. Trump

We don’t know what kind of president Mr Trump is going to be but he is getting support from the White background because of the fear of income inequality, fears about control of government by elites (Hillary belongs from an elite already political background).

  • Fears about good jobs moving to a small number of cities with unaffordable housing problems.
  • Fears about large-scale immigration of people which Donald Trump clearly argues to be allowed.
  • Fears about the country being controlled by a group of people who state them as “bigots”.

To defuse all this Hillary Clinton needs to tell the middle class that nothing like this is going to happen which she fails to do due to media interferences

Donald Trump being the “witty” businessman knew the power of media and approached on it in a better way while reaching the voters than performing advertising. Hillary Clinton “played it safe”, which clearly gave media with no content to focus on her leading to the discontentment of her thoughts from the elections cutting her out clearly.

Also even if anything gets quoted, Hillary never came out to say anything much controversial which made some bad elements to sell fake news about her leading to an image of hers in front of the medium class that she doesn’t care about them even if the scene is different.


Trump’s ideology is hated by many because he clearly talks hate words about many but according to a recent report it is also amazing to see all those people about which Trump talks bad love to visit his debates the most, the reason is unknown but this clearly is the sportsmanship Trump is betting in these elections.

Everybody has come to win and according to me Trump’s playing it hard.




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