Delhi Police is carrying out a review of the security measures in place for VIPs.In the aftermath of the Uri attack and intelligence inputs, The security audit involves plugging loopholes, security cover being provided to the protectees, mock drills and regular briefings of officers.

Uri aftermath: Delhi Police reviews Security of VIPs
Security Audits being conducted

Currently, we have finished the security audit of Z+ and Z protectees. We have initiated the security audit of Y and X protectees and this will be finished by next week,” said a senior police officer.

It is essential for officers in the security wing to be alert at all times. They undergo drills at regular intervals but during a time like this, the frequency and intensity of drills is high,” said the officer.
Situational firing practice and briefings about how terrorists might be plotting the attack are key features of these audits.

For instance, they are made to do firing practice at regular intervals. But in a time like this, we test whether they will be able to handle a real-time situation in case an attack happens. Anybody can shoot at a dummy target but it is essential that they are trained to shoot at real targets.

So we create a situation where there are four armed people who are coming to attack and we test the response time and instinctive abilities of the personnel,” said the officer.

There are also sessions where the security officers are briefed about the terror attack that happened and the way it was carried out.


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