Mercedes-Benz, Matternet Vision Van
Mercedes-Benz, Matternet Vision Van Concept

Mercedes-Benz Vans and Matternet, the tech startup for drones have designed a novel concept car, titled Vision Van.  It is expected to bring a shift in the way delivery industry for small packages works for short distances.

The Matternet’s new, Vision Van serves as land and launch pad for Matternet’s M2 drones. The autonomous Matternet M2 drones, can carry and pick up packages of 4.4 pounds over 12 miles of the sky on a single battery charge in real world situations.

The drone’s payload is designed to transmit signals about the destination and contents of a given package. For the company using the Vision Vans and M2 drones, these signals and data will be serving as assistance for delivery and alerts.

The CEO and co-founder Matternet, Andreas Raptopoulos, expressed how this sounds sci-fi and far beyond in future but with the Vans and Matternet duo, this can be started to be used immediately in countries where regulations allow.

The usability of Vision Van can be well explained and demonstrated in cities with heavy traffic or areas where safe loads are lacking and hence delivering by road is a problem.

Well known for luxury vehicles, Mercedes-Benz has invested and an unrevealed amount in the idea itself and Matternet, as stated by a press conference. As told by SEC filings, Matternet targetted  $11.5 million as funds and has already raised $9.5 million for the venture.

Raptopolous opted to not comment on the company’s funding status. and officials from Mercedes-Benz Vans were not directly available for an interview revealing this.

Matternet came up with unmanned aircraft systems, earlier this year for Unicef that is being used to transport blood samples in Malawi for HIV testing. The initiative could help medical agencies by speeding up the delivery of samples and hence by speeding up delivery of the medical care kits to HIV-positive infants.


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