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Tesla Car Owners are the Happiest ones – Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey

Tesla has topped the list of car brands in the Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey released by Consumer Reports. A whopping 91 % of Tesla owners said that they would by a Tesla car again if given a choice. Consumer Reports conducted the survey to track consumer sentiment of car owners across each car brand’s product line.

An auto brand had to have at least two car models to qualify for this survey. Car owners who owned models from the years 2014 to 2017 were interviewed for this survey.

Tesla Car Owners are the happiest ones - Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey
Tesla CEO Elon Musk

German carmaker Porsche, got the second place on this survey with 84%. Other leading car manufacturers Audi, Subaru and Toyota took the third, fourth and fifth spot respectively. Italian car maker Fiat was last on this list as only 53% of all respondents said that they would like to buy a Fiat again. One reason for Fiat to end up last could be that this survey was conducted in the United States of America, a country where Fiat does not sell a lot of cars. America does not seem to be high in Fiat’s target markets and maybe that’s why they do not figure high in this list.

A Tesla CarAn interesting point about Tesla is that it does not spend a lot of money on marketing and advertising and yet it has a very high brand recall amongst car users. This can be attributed to the powerful image it has been able to create thanks to its charismatic founder and head Elon Musk. Consumers believe in the vision of Elon and hence buying a Tesla is equal to buying into the vision of the tech genius.
Tesla’s high rank in brand loyalty is a warning bell for its competitors. If a car company can get a score close to a 100% in terms of brand loyalty, it is next to impossible to eat into the car manufacturer’s market share. Also, Tesla is years ahead of all its competitors in terms of the technology used by the car company.

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