Uri Attack has shocked India. It was one of the biggest attacks in the history. 18 soldiers with 35 civilians died in this bloody war. Mahesh Savani, social activists based in Surat has come up for the families of soldiers. Mahesh said “The little kids have lost their fathers. Now PP Savani group will sponsor their education and other needs. For going school to college’s fee will be paid by the group. It’s our duty to take care of these small children,

“I saw a young girl of our Indian fighter crying at the TV saying that her dad advised her to study well and be successful. At that exact second, I chose to support the children of the soldiers killed in Uri Attack” he added. The PP Savani group is in the real estate sector and owns a chain of schools in Surat.

Surat realtor will Sponsor Education of URI Martyrs' kids
Surat realtor will Sponsor Education of URI Martyrs’ kids


Savanni also promised with the education, they welcome kids if they want to study with PP Savani International school. They will take care of accommodation and other basic needs. The PP Savani group has been providing free education to the poor and orphan girls.

Mahesh Savanni hails from the Raparda Village of Bhavanagar, Gujarat. He has many successful ventures into diamonds, real estate, and education. Savani is following his father steps. His father adopted over 470 daughters.

Around ten years ago, Savani’s sibling passed away. At the point when his nieces were getting married, it was Savani who performed “Canadian” rituals. This encounter made him sad about the endless number of girls who doesn’t have a father. Then he took a pledge to help them out


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