Pokémon Go has created a lot of hype in the mobile gaming industry and watching this even Sony seems to be planning 5 mobile games by the end of 2018. It would be resulting as a comeback for the firm that long ago left the mobile gaming industry. The games are expected to launch by March 2018 in Asian regions.

In-Depth Analysis

Every one of us must have played Pokémon go at least for once till now and most of us found it addictive too. There was a lot of hype being created by this game, we saw how Nintendo made a to be released announcement of a Mario Run game similar to the Pokémon Go and for now in this hype we can see one more player entering the mobile gaming industry “again”.

The reason for why I have used the word “again” is because this player long ago left the mobile gaming industry and focused on its managing its console industry only when it came to gaming.

Inspired by Pokémon Go, Sony plans to Launch 5 Games by 2018: Report

You guessed it right that player’s name is Sony and according to a report Sony has planned to release 5 mobile games by the start of 2018 as a big comeback. The mobile games would be distributed all over the world by Sony’s mobile game subsidiary, ForwardWorks.

According to Sony all of the 5 mobile games that it would be producing would be available to Japan and other parts of Asia by March 2018 which is pretty close by now.

It would be amazing to again see a firm like Sony which has some amazing IPs (Intellectual Properties which include the likes of “God of War” and “Uncharted” series. All these games are made by Sony for its PlayStation Consoles only for now but now these games would be available to even mobile devices if all set right (Fingers Crossed).

Sony to make comeback to mobile gaming industry

Good Luck Sony!

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