Sneak and Peek Searches - Google, Apple Support Microsoft!

On September 2nd, 2016, 11 leading technology firms across the world including Apple argued that by allowing these searches to go “far beyond any necessary limits” clearly means overstepping the fundamental rights of the consumers.

As quoted in the filing by these companies, “The government’s ability to engage in surreptitious searches of homes and tangible things is practically and legally limited. But the act allows the government to search personal data stored in the cloud without ever notifying an account owner that her data has been searched.”


With every passing day, Microsoft is getting more and more support from other companies as BP America Inc. and Delta Air Lines Inc. also requested to accompany them in this case as they believe the advantages of cloud computing will be overshadowed in case the privacy policies are not strong against any sort of government or other surveillance.

On the other side, while defending these sneak and peak searches, the Justice Department, Attorney General Loretta Lynch along with their supporters claim they require some digital solutions to battle with increasingly complex terrorists and criminals who have become quite expert in using communication technology and thus succeed in hiding tracks.

The spokesman of Justice Department – Mark Abueg first did not comment anything on favoring Microsoft. Though in response to a lawsuit submitted in the month of July, the government stated that Microsoft has no authority to prosecute over the constitutional protections for the users against any kind of unlawful search.


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