According to Snapdeal, their Unbox Diwali sale has gotten off really well with 180 products per second being sold on the launch day of the sale. This sale is going to run from today i.e. 2nd October to 6th of October i.e. Thursday. Snapdeal claimed in a press release that in their Unbox Diwali Sale, they saw mobiles to be going off at 180 mobiles per minute which may look amusing as a user but according to me it’s a bit low in the point of view of a E-commerce website.

In the very same press release Snapdeal told some interesting facts about the sales on the very first day of the launch of the Unbox Diwali Sale like, watching 2 million customers logging on within the very first hour of the sale. Also, according to Snapdeal’s one of the claim it seems like there were 700,000 shoppers concurrently online in the first 5 minutes.


Now this is huge.

Snapdeal still stuck on the mobile phones stated that within 8 hours of the sale going live they saw 1 Lakh phones going sold out to their customers who came to shop for electronic devices ultimately going off with a mobile.

Shifting their words from the main topic they were talking about, also told about 24,000 pen drives being sold in the same time period of 8 hours in their Unbox Diwali Sale.


The Smartphones that gotten off easily and were mostly sold were the Samsung J2 Pro and LeEco Le Max 2. In this list amusingly a Voltas All Weather 5 Star split AC was also included.

Saurabh Bansal, Vice President, Categories at Snapdeal stated on the above, “We are very excited to see the tremendous response in the initial hours of the Diwali Unbox Sale. Users have loved the additional, instant discount on Citibank cards. Many more exciting offers are lined up over the next days of the sale.”



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