When the world was busy in posting the pictures and videos on Facebook and Snapchat, the latter deleted its official Facebook page covertly. The rivals of the social media, Snapchat and facebook are doing whatever they can to gather the interest of the people.


The main reason for this was the inactivation of Snapchat on Facebook.It was having 6.5 million likes on the Facebook page before deleting it. However, it is more active on Twitter where he has 1.58 million followers. The last public post of Snapchat on its Facebook page was somewhere between August to November 2013. According to VentureBeat, which cities a close to the company that the team at Snapchat actually forgot that they have a Facebook page too. They were inactive from so long time that they made their mind to delete the page.things-are-heating-up-between-facebook-and-snapchat


Facebook and Snapchat do have some competitive history, as Facebook failed to acquire it after making a $3 billion offer in 2013. Since then, it has grown significantly with most recent estimates tallying the platform to having 150 million active users.

snap face


It has also introduced a handful of successful features like geofilters, face swaps and puppy filters, live stories that disappear after 24 hours, and daily news stories from major media outlets and Facebook has taken active steps to imitate several of these ideas. In March, Facebook purchased an iOS app called Masquerade that uses facial recognition to create filters and later in the summer, it was announced that Facebook Live would support the Belarus-based app. More recently, Facebook-owned Instagram rolled out a “stories” feature, which is heavily reminiscent of the snapchat feature of the same name.

Company has yet to comment on the matter, leaving the real reason (inactivity, feud or something else?) open to speculation. We all hope that the reason was not the competition, it is only the in-activeness.


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