Rakhi-sister of Salman Khan and ex-wife of actor Pulkit Samrat, Shweta Rohira is actually an Indian journalist. However she is creative in her own way, recently worked in vogue skill. And That particular costume was even worn by a model in London Fashion Week.

Shweta Rohira
Shweta Rohira: Rakhi-Sister of Salman Khan

When she was asked about the outfit she painted, she said, Yes, It did happen . When your hard works get valued and appreciated it is a joyful moment. It also gives you more inspiration to create new designs.I was thrilled and joyful.” So, what is it that drives her to create the designs? She answers, “I believe that being artistic should come naturally to a person. In my case, I was fascinated with colors and brushes ever since I was a kid. My mom saw my attraction towards them and encouraged me to draw and paint since childhood. Slowly, it became a passion and it actually helped me grow emotionally and mentally. I remember doing my first hand painted exhibition in my building fair when I was 12 years old. I made 670 rupees that day!”

Ex-wife of Pulkit Samrat, Shweta Rohira

She even said that she believes when one is artistic and creative about something then one should not get away with any more delay and lateness. She believes in being disciplined, “With passion, time management, setting your priorities and living each moment with awareness and joy, doing multiple things becomes You just need the mental , emotional and physical discipline to manage it all.”

Shweta Rohira
Shweta Rohira, planning for new business in art.

In fact, Shweta Rohira is planning for a new business with her art skill soon. She says, “I have already started on the business front. My brand name is ‘Artsy Chic’. I am also releasing a hand painted Diwali collection titled ‘Dazzle” We just can’t wait to check out what this talented girl has come up with this time!


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