SC awards 25-year jail term to Vikas Yadav in Nitish Katara murder caseThe Supreme Court has granted a 25-year jail term to Vikas Yadav in the Nitish Katara murder case. Co-convict Sukhdev Pehalwan was sentenced to a 20-year prison term.

The case relates to “honour” murdering of 25-year-old Nitish Katara in February 2002 by Vikas Yadav, son of politician D.P. Yadav D.P. Yadav, as Katara was in a relationship with Vikas Yadav’s sister Bharti.

Nitish Katara murder case

Two cousins, Vikas and Vishal Yadav, kidnapped Nitish Katara from the wedding of his classmate in Ghaziabad in February 2002.

They had watched Katara, a MBA graduate and the son of an IAS officer, getting friendly with Vikas sister Bharti Yadav, and were professedly restricted to it.

With the help of a hired killer, Sukhdev Pehalwan, the duo “ took him (Nitish Katara) home, then god knows where, killed him and dumped his body”according to Supreme Court Justice J.S. Khehar’s observation.

Vikas Yadav is the son of Uttar Pradesh politician D.P. Yadav, while Vishal is D.P. Yadav’s nephew. The Delhi High Court had sentenced the two Yadavs and Pehalwan to a 30-year prison term without remission.

The murder was viewed as a honor slaughtering, yet a Supreme Court bench drove by Justice J.S. Khehar said the crime can nor be delegated a honor murdering nor be in the classification of the rare crime justifying capital punishment.

It may be a planned murder but it certainly is not heinous. And every murder is planned. Tell us which murder is not planned? If it is not planned, strictly speaking it will not be murder. If it is in heat of the moment, it will come under exception clause of Section 300 (murder),” Justice Khehar had observed.


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