Samsung after all these Note 7 blast issues that are still going on is trying to play safe now. Rather than having a self made virtual assistant for the Galaxy devices, Samsung is going to buy Viv Labs.

Viv Labs is a startup firm formed by those who were there in the making of Siri. Yes, Siri for Apple was made by the owners of Viv Labs and now Samsung is going to be the owner of the former. However, the deal amount is uncertain and even the details of the deal are not much disclosed. The whole deal is going to be covered by TechCrunch as well as CNBC over their network.

Reason Behind Acquiring Viv Labs:

Samsung to acquire Viv Labs

Viv Labs is currently owned by three people namely, Adam Cheyer, Dag Kittlaus, and Chris Brigham. After Apple acquired Siri as their primary virtual assistant in 2012, the trio decided to make their ways to a new VA and named it Viv. Since then they are working on it to make it better than always.

According to TechCrunch, even after Samsung acquires Viv Labs the company won’t be working according to Samsung’s guidelines and will be as independent as it was at first.

The main reason behind Samsung buying Viv Labs is because they know Siri better and know how to make their VA much better than Apple’s and we all know how much competition is there in between Apple and Samsung which makes it more obvious of the reason to have Viv as their official virtual assistant from now on.

Viv Labs

Also Samsung is aiming to leave Google’s new AI as well as Alexa behind with Viv and for that some new and “innovative” fixtures are going on in the virtual assistant according to the sources.

Samsung stated, “Our focus is really more device-centric,”

Only time will tell who will rule the AI platform.


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