A Suspected radioactive material leaked from a medical shipment at cargo terminal of IGI (Indira Gandhi International) Airport (Delhi) on Sunday. Following the incident authorities have cordoned off the area. National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has also been informed about the incident.Atomic Energy Regulatory Board officials has rushed its team to the Delhi airport. The leak was reportedly detected from medical equipment that arrived in an Air France aircraft.

Radioactive Leak from Cargo at Delhi IGI Airport’s T3 terminal
Suspected Radioactive Leak at Delhi IGI Airport

A call was received from the airport around 10.45am regarding suspected radioactive leak from medical equipment,” said Atul Garg, Chief Fire Officer.

He said the equipment has come from Air France plane and was kept at the cargo terminal. The cargo complex has been vacated by officials as a preventive measure.
“The area is 1.5 km away from passenger area and was evacuated and cordoned off,” police said. Delhi police have also confirmed that the leaked material was of medicinal in nature.

Details of Suspicious Parcel


There were no immediate reports of passenger operations being affected. A scare at the airport over a suspected radioactive leak turned out to be a false alarm in May last year after inspectors gave the all clear following investigations.


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