Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi has returned back to Delhi after foreign holiday. He arrived late night on Monday and will meet party leader today. Rahul Gandhi took a time off and travelled out of India for holidays. The destination of his holidays are still not clear.

Rahul Gandhi with his foreign holidays became a crucial discussion point as the election dates were announced for five states. Uttar Pradesh will go to election on February 4. Punjab leaders have been waiting Rahul to help them in finalising its candidate list in 40 constituencies.

Rahul Gandhi greeting People at the parliament.
Rahul Gandhi greeting People at the parliament.

A Congress ticket candidate said that the camp was abuzz till yesterday that Rahul would come back today. But this has not happened. People have been told he is returning on January 9. This is shocking as when all other parties are in campaign mode, he is holidaying.

It is also believed that Navjot Singh Sidhu will join Congress in the presence of Gandhi. He is most likely fight the elections from Amritsar East, a constituency currently held by his wife.

Gandhi’s absence from the political scene also came at a time when the ruling SP in Uttar Pradesh has been locked in a bitter power struggle between factions led by chief minister Akhilesh Yadav and his father Mulayam Singh. Although earlier reports indicated Akhilesh, in the event of a split from his father, would ally with the Congress. This estimation seems premature now that the SP leader has been named the party’s chief ministerial candidate.

In the five states going to polls this summer, Congress holds power in Manipur and Uttarakhand.

Rahul Gandhi is known to go for short holidays during the new year. This year was no different, however the speculation are still on for the destination of his holidays. The effect of Rahul Gandhi’s holiday is yet to be seen on Congress leaders and party members; election are around the corner and Congress seems to be struggling with its leadership in UP.


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