Congress today released the Punjab Congress manifesto for the upcoming election. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh released the election manifesto of the Punjab Congress at the party’s headquarters in New Delhi.

He also said that he had earlier said that this demonetization move would impact the GDP. Now it’s visible on ground. Demonetization would emerge as a major issue during the state assembly elections including Punjab.Punjab Congress manifesto


Mr. Singh reminded people of his prediction made last year. He also pointed out that it been proven now that the country’s GDP will be affected by demonetization. Central Statistical Organization (CSO) has said that GDP growth will be 7.1% as against the target of 7.6%. However this does not take into account the effect of demonetization.

Punjab Congress chief Amarinder Singh was also present at the event of the launch of Punjab Congress manifesto. He also gave a slogan “Nawan Naroan Punjab Layee, Captain De Naun Nukte”. This means that he has nine resolution for Punjab.

Punjab Congress manifesto promises its voters to redeem Punjab’s honour economically, socially, culturally, financially, environmentally. It also focuses on restoring its ‘rightful’ place in India.

Key takeaways of Punjab Congress manifesto are:

  • War against drugs: It will adopt zero tolerance policy for drug smugglers and peddlers. Police officials, politicians and bureaucrats will also be challenged. Besides, launching a campaign to educate youth and rehabilitate drug addicts, fast track courts will be set up in every district.
  • Employment generation: ‘Ghar, ghar rozgar’ (A job for every household) is a key with time bound employment. Employment bureaus will be set up at districts for speedy execution of the program.
  • Reviving agriculture: An agricultural debt waiver plan, free power supply to farmers, raising crop compensation to Rs 2,000 per acre, introduction of farmers’ pension scheme raising the ex-gratia payment to Rs 10 lakh for families affected by suicides, establishment of price stabilization fund.
  • Revival of economy: To attain no. 1 position in industrial growth. Manifesto promises affordable electricity at Rs 5 per unit, subsidized water, revamping Excise and taxation policy, level playing field for industries and efficient mobilization of revenue from state’s exchequer.


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