The Uttar Pradesh AntiTerrorist Squad on Sunday claimed to have captured 10 suspected Maoists, including a previous area commander of the People’s War Group. The suspected were carried out at three distinct areas in Noida and Chandauli.

The reported recuperations from the accused incorporate a tremendous reserve for arms and explosives, including an Insas assault rifle, suspected to have been taken from a armed or police force through theft.

Inspector General of Police (ATS) Asim Kumar Arun said the captured men were attempting to accomplish three targets — grow their base in the NCR locale, carry out violations to finance their development in their base ranges of eastern U.P. also, western Bihar, and carry out strikes in Noida and nearby areas including the NCR.

While the police guaranteed to have intercepts to prove the wrongdoing and the expansion theory, the group’s plans to launch an attack were purportedly uncovered simply after explosives and detonators were recovered.

The arrested men have been recognized as Ranjit Paswan, Krishna Kumar Ram, Pavan Kumar Jha, Sunil Kumar Yadav, Shailendra Kumar, Sachin Kumar, Suraj, Ashish Saraswat, Brij Kishor Tomar and Sunil Ravidas.

UP police arrested 10 Maoists in Noida
Arrested Maoists

At least three of them have previous proven or alleged Naxal links. Among them Ranjit was an area commander of People’s War Group and was an expert in bomb making and gun assembling. He was also convicted in a case in 2004 and went underground immediately after his release in 2012,” said Mr. Arun.

They have been here for the past eleven months. Few weeks ago, a citizen found some suspicious activities going on in the Hindon Vihar flat where some of them were living and informed the local police which, in turn, alerted us. We mounted a surveillance and kept a watch on them. We received a tip off that soon one of their accomplices would come to drop an AK 47 to Noida and initially we decided to wait till then. But later, we realised it would be too much of a risk as six of them were had already gathered at the Hindon Vihar flat,” said Mr. Arun.

We questioned them and at their instance carried out the next set of arrests in the early hours of Sunday at another flat in Sadarpur. Ranjit Paswan told us that their leader Sunil Ravidas was hiding in Chandauli district. A team of police officers conducted a raid and arrested Ravidas from there, also on Sunday. From him an Insas rifle was recovered,” said Mr. Arun.


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