The very much popular mobile game Pokémon Go has released a new update which restricts the in-game features while the person is in a vehicle. This update came up so as to reduce accidents due to the game but it hadn’t received the expected appraisal.

In-Depth Analysis

This year we saw our beloved Pokémons go live again and this time not on our television but on our Smartphone screens. This year we saw the release of the much awaited Pokémon game named Pokémon Go and as the time has passed it became to be the most successful mobile game ever made. Not only this, but the game has also come out as the biggest ever game release for Nintendo too.

Pokémon Go Update restricts Game to be played while Driving

We can get an hint about the game’s popularity by the fact that the game is still to be released in India but already have one of the biggest user base here in our nation. But the time ends for everything and so does for Pokémon Go, many of the users had left playing the game or got bored of it. Taking their phones on their hands looking like nerds walking the streets doesn’t seem fun to most of us but there still are some loyal fans out there who still consider playing it. And for those players Niantic has released a new update better known as the “safety update” for the application. With this new Pokémon Go Update the user won’t be able to play the game if his movement speed is more than 30 miles per hour which is around 50 kilometers per hour. Obviously, as the name suggests the update is to keep all of the players safe from getting in an accident as news has come many people play Pokémon Go even while driving their car which is seriously very much risky for both the pedestrians and the driver as well.

But this raises a question!

What about the one who’s at the back seat playing the game? He isn’t driving the car and is not prone to an accident until and unless he shifts to the driver seat!

This lead to a lot of outrages and finally Niantic has to take back the update by releasing another patch update to fix the problem.

You won't be able to play Pokémon Go while driving if your speed exceeds 30 mph
You won’t be able to play Pokémon Go while driving if your speed exceeds 30 mph

Share your experiences with Pokémon Go!

Do you still play the game or are bored or nerve thought of playing it?

Ps: I did play for one day and then left it as I love my legs!!!

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