Yoga guru Ramdev on Friday said Patanjali will soon foray into dairy business, adding that the sector will cross the Rs 5 lakh crore mark by 2022.

Patanjali is set to enter the dairy business and in this financial year, production will start in three dairy plants – one each in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh,” Ramdev said while addressing a two-day national seminar at National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal (NDRI).

The theme of the seminar was ‘Indian Dairy and Food Sector: Way Forward to Meet Future Challenges’. Speaking on the occasion, Ramdev gave the message of ‘Swadeshi’ and praised Amul brand in the dairy sector, an NDRI release said.patanjali-to-foray-into-dairy-sector-ramdev


He said at present, the dairy business is pegged at Rs 3 lakh crore, which will be more than Rs 5 lakh crore by 2022.

He praised the efforts of NDRI in saving and improving the indigenous milk animals and offered to work with the institute. Later, he visited NDRI facilities and also witnessed the demonstration of milk adulteration detection kits developed at the institute.

A K Srivastava, Director, NDRI, highlighted the institute’s achievements in the area of milk production as well as processing. Srivastava also explained the role of NDRI in cloning, which will help in the multiplication of superior germplasm.

Ramdev holding Patanjali products
Ramdev holding Patanjali products

He said livestock sector plays a very important role in rural livelihood and nutritional security.

In an recent interview, Baba Ramdev has told the media about his new project that was, Desi Jeans. He said that he will work from Ludhiana and will make Patanjali Jeans which will help the Indian economy to stay in India. Patanjali products are rising in the world which has made India recognized across the world.

The recent survey has given information that if all the Indians will start using Patanjali products, then our country will be the richest in the world. All the exports and imports will be inside the country. In this way, within the period of 5 years, we will beat others.


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