The recent Demonetization has made people to wait for hours in the crowd and put the people in the problem as there are many functions in the wedding season; one is not able to survive for four thousand rupees in a day. Government has taken some measures to make it easy for their citizens. Now the limit has been extended. Earlier people can get four thousand from a bank now it has increased to Rs 4500. In the same way, people can withdraw twenty Rs 2500 of two thousand.

Now You Can Get Rs 4500 from The BANK and Rs 2500 from ATM: GOVT
ATMs limit increased to Rs 2500 while you can now exchange upto Rs 4500

Many other measures were changed accordingly. Note it down in your minds so that you can remember.

  1. It was reported that hospitals were not accepting cheques, online payment or anything; government has told the people to lodge the complaint to the district magistrates/district administration. Strict actions will be taken by the government.
  2. Weekly cash withdrawal by cheque is also increased from 20,000 to 24,000.
  3. Cash changing limit is increased from 4,000 to 4,500 INR in a day.
  4. Cash withdrawing from ATM is increased from Rs2,000 to Rs 2500.
  5. New notes of Rs 500 have been deposited to the banks and post office. Soon people will get back new version of Rs 1,000 note.
  6. The limit of Rs 10,000 is removed by the center.

Many politicians didn’t liked the agenda of the government as they, government is unplanned and doing things without understanding anything.


Prime Minister Modi became emotional today while telling the people about the surgical strike on black money in Goa. He said that he has left his family and people for the country and he is proud of it. He also peeled the bean on Rahul Gandhi by not naming him but states that some people are telling us that they are standing in the row for exchanging the currency and saying that people are not satisfied with work. He said I have seen the news and felt prod that people are saying that they are having problem but they are happy that they are doing this for the country. He said to give him 50 days and if people are not satisfied then he will leave everything.


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