NDTV India is one of the greatest channel of our country. Recently, the central government has passed an order to ban the channel for one day as NDTV has revealed crucial and sensitive news regarding Pathankot terror attack. NDTV India is serving from past 14 years and nothing happened as such till now.

NDTV will be banned from 9th November 2016 to 10th November 2016. It is a fact that it will be the first ever ban to any news channel all over the country. The opposition that it will be the Black day for the complete country as media is not allowed to report in the country and right of freedom of expression is violated.

NDTV INDIA BANNED : ravish-kumar protesting

When we talk about the social media status, youth is joining hands together. Not only youth, most of the people are against this ban and want NDTV to be on air. In the recent post of Ravish Kumar, many people supported him by putting the black digital profile.

How Twitter users reacted to NDTV INDIA Ban :


One Twitter user’s tongue-in-cheek reaction to NDTV’s ban was “Sources has confirmed that #NDTVBanned is a government way to pay tribute to Arnab Goswami farewell”.


Several others said “India has conducted one more  #Terrorist. #NDTVBanned”.


NDTV received sympathy too.

I&B said that cable networking act regulation is violated by NDTV India which will ban the channel transmission from 9th of November from the midnight to till 10th of November. The channel will not be on air in the complete country.


NDTV said to the response of the government that the news which was broadcasted was sober and don’t have anything to do with the violation of the rules. They said that by banning their channel, government is just taking the freedom of the media and destroying the democracy rights.

NDTV named it as “Emergency” as they are not allowed to speak what they want. Social media response is also not hidden. People are revolting against this order. Many of them blamed the government that they don’t look at other channels which provide biased news and are basically called the praising channel of the government.


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