NASA has designed an iPad app for astronauts that let them track their dietary intake and also makes it easy for the physicians at the Earth to monitor the health of the Astronauts easily without any hassle. Recently the app was provided to the space stations by NASA to test the application by Astronauts themselves.

In-Depth Analysis

Technology is fast pacing its way through everything and now we are much confident that it is going the right way. Apple has reportedly created an application named as The International Space Station Food Intake Tracker (ISS FIT) which allows the Astronauts to monitor their dietary intake habits as well as it delivers every information to the physicians too that are sitting there on mother Earth so that they get a track of the Astronaut’s health.

NASA Designed an iPad App for Astronauts to Help them Monitor Diet

Scott M. Smith who is the nutritionist at NASA, stated, “Understanding the relationship of diet with crew health is critical for future exploration missions, where nutrition will be a key countermeasure in mitigating the negative effects of spaceflight on the body, We’ve recently documented that astronauts can protect their bones with good nutrition and exercise, This app puts the tools in their hands to track this information in real time.”

Also NASA told that this application doesn’t require internet connectivity to sync with the food database that includes all the food available on the space station also including those provided by the international partner agencies. NASA also added that this app is different from all the other application present on Earth that requires internet connectivity to do the above tasks.

A NASA space scientist at ISA

This application is developed by NASA d through Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation that is a subsidiary of NASA and for funding they too help of the crowd sourcing techniques that were hosted by a firm named as TopCoder.

This app also allows the astronauts to take snaps of the food and find relative information about the product they are about to consume.


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